Transforming Yesterday's Junk into Tomorrow's Treasures

Oi vey

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When I started this blog I thought it would be fun and interesting to see where it would take me, and I have to admit I really did enjoy sharing my thought process on the projects I was working on with anyone that wished to read them, I also very much enjoyed getting feed back from those that were inspired by what I was doing and those that had sage advise for me on projects they themselves had done.

But sometimes you come across a twist of fate, a knot in the weave of your life where you must choose what path to take, and even if your like me and try to consider all the possible consequences of this choice you must make, sometimes it goes some where so unexpected it can take you a while to find your … Read More »

great grandfather’s rocker

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A good friend of mine that just celebrated his 59th birthday; has this old rocking chair that once belonged to his great grandfather, it was professionally reupholstered once, but that was several hard years of use back. This rocking chair holds a lot of sentimental value for my friend,  but he was always telling me he felt like he was dishonoring his great grandfather’s memory by not being able to fix the rocker up. He recently left town for a few days to visit family, for his birthday; during his absence I was able to put my first drop cloth slip cover together, here are the results.

My local Lowes recently changed the brand of drop cloths they sell, I purchased the new blue hawk brand hoping I would experience no change in quality,  my hopes were dashed very quickly, in … Read More »

Target’s insane non-return policy of electronics

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About a year ago I bought a Vivitar camera from Walmart, for around $79.00, it was supposedly a 14mp digital camera; but what I did not realize at the time no matter how many mp the camera may provide.. if the lens sucks so will your photos, and without a doubt Vivitar’s lens suck. Normally I would have returned it to Walmart, but I bought it just a day or two before heading to Texas visiting my son, the Walmarts in Texas refused to take something back that was bought in another state, and by the time I returned I had lost the receipt (I was told Walmart no longer does returns without receipts not even for store credit), my fault and lesson learned.

When I started the Salvage Alchemy blog I knew that I would never use that … Read More »

victorain style loveseat redo / corset back

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As many of you know I have been working on reupholstering my loveseat for quite a while now,  this is the third post I will be publishing about the loveseat, and while I would like to say it will be the final post… it won’t be. After this one, I will be posting one more because while most of the work on the loveseat is done there are a couple of odds and ends that I wish to share with you when they are complete, you may notice the things that still need work done, but I won’t go into those details yet.

What took me so long to get this project done?, I stripped the fabric, replaced the webbing, and retied the springs in three days. I probably could have had it done within the week if my … Read More »

I’m back…..

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Over the last month, I have been unable to access the site to make post; due to my cable line being “accidentally” cut, causing Cox to have to re-run the line. I have been working on a couple of new projects and finishing up on some old ones, just need to add the finishing touch to them and get to writing.  The house redo has taken longer then planned, I had hoped my migraines would work with me and wait till I was done with everything. That is seldom the case, but one should always dream.

Not only do I plan on posting the final install on the loveseat this week, I hope to be sharing my steampunk inspired thrift store china cabinet make over,  as well as what I got when I mixed cheap stack-able pressed wood components, with scrap … Read More »

My faux Venetian Plaster on a budget

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Since most of my projects are on hold for one reason or another I decided to make the most of my down time, by repainting the inside of the house, its a large project but with less than 600 sq-ft its not a long project. I have not liked how my pictures come out with the sage backdrop provided by my current wall color, my landlord does not care what I paint as long as it is a natural color, so I choose Behr’s “Arabian Sands” for my main wall color, and for the trim, I went with Behr’s “Sweet Georgia Brown” but once again I can not let go of chaos and decided to do a venetian plaster affect on an accent wall. I am sure Behr’s Venetian Plaster product is a fine one, but I did not … Read More »

best laid plans

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I had planned on putting my focus into finishing up my couch, I had done my experiments, I had shown that I could get the look I wanted without spending more than I wished to spend. The couch is painted with my chalk paint mixture, the seat cushion had been covered with the dark brown suede, all I have left to do is create my fabric for the back seat and close the very back of the couch up with suede. So I started on my fabric, this was going to be a daunting task, up till now the largest piece of fabric I had created was a single yard, this piece was going to be 3 yards long and 2 yards wide using Lowe’s finish factor drop cloth.

Went through the whole pretreatment for the drop cloth, printed half of … Read More »

changing your case fan

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As I mentioned not long ago, I needed to replace the case fan in my computer, although the fan’s function is key to keeping your computer healthy many of the companies that build computers use cheap fans in their production lines. Often within months after plugging your new computer in you will notice the sound of the fan getting louder, what many do not know is, at this point your fan motor maybe having trouble keeping your computer cool. When I built my CPU I added a cooling unit for my hard drive, to aid the fan, I also have a liquid cooling system I will be installing once I have finished crafting the case / desk for my system.

You have several options with case fans, the type of bearing used is the key to a quiet yet effective … Read More »

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

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After doing the two labs on some of home made chalk paint recipes I found online, I felt that to give you the best advice on the subject there was a need to compare the results I got with my experiments against the original option. Annie Sloan paints are labeled as chalk paint, but when you read up on it, you will learn that it took many years to get the mixture where it is today, this paint is more than just your basic latex mixed with chalk, it is a modern rendition of an age old paint. It is formulated  to give you the best coverage, easy clean up, it is truly a green product.

Yet with all it can do to make our lives easier, there is always the question is it worth the money they charge for … Read More »


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I have mentioned the toolbox project in a few of my post over the last few weeks; this project is the first to bring  home-made chalk paint, and personalized fabric together. This project started off with a primitive toolbox of unknown age, to turn it into a bench seat I attached the legs. All paints I mention in this project have been mixed with calcium carbonate; I used Olympic’s “sarsaparilla brown” for a base coat.

I then decoupaged the inserts on the sides, front, back, and the  inside tray with some fancy parchment printer paper I had on hand, once that was done I added the color print outs of my trademark, and the toolbox text, later I decided to add the salvage alchemy text inside. I used the “espresso bean” bean glaze mixed on the outside, and … Read More »